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The Unspoken Secrets

People who have written corporate history over the centuries have shared some closely guarded secrets; secrets such that when revealed would bless ordinary human beings with the ability to carve out corporate empires; secrets that will unravel the mystery behind why some businesses author stellar tales of success while most others struggle in the dungeons of stagnation. Why some from the business community become celebrated millionaires when the others spend their entire lives in the oblivion of an unknown shop or office. These secrets were not passed on from generation to generation. They were not engraved on any hidden stone, nor were they whispered into select ears. They were earned by corporate warriors whose indomitable quest for success invariably led them to discover these coveted and guarded manuals of sustained corporate victory. And then they became invincible and the new guardians of the secrets; till another warrior came by and entered their privileged community.

I have still not penetrated that elite society fully. But as an entrepreneur who has built a reasonably sturdy corporate fortress brick by brick ground-up, I have been able to get limited but valuable access to these secrets. And as a management writer and guide, I feel I am duty-bound to share this restricted yet priceless wisdom with all my fellow entrepreneurs, business owners and employees of small companies that deserve to see the light of success through these proven weapons.

I know not if this book will decrypt the entire secret manual. But it will help you become that corporate warrior – who is destined to win one day.      

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Welcome to VB’s Blog

Hi All:

Here’s another way I am going to stay connected with you all. When the number of followers on Facebook started coming close to 1500, I realized I needed more channels to reach out to people who like my work and words.

Will keep this place buzzing with exciting management gyan and discussions – along with some ideas and business values that I hold dear.

Please keep posting your comments and keep writing in. That’s really what keeps me going.

Success and Spirit,


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